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Building a stationery wardrobe ensures that you have the necessary paper on hand whenever an occasion presents itself. The need to send a thank you note after a business lunch...a dear friend’s grandmother passed away...a loved one is facing an unexpected challenge. So often we have the good intention of sending a note, but our busy lives get in the way. Having a personal stationery wardrobe assembled means that you have the appropriate pieces ready for use.

A modern stationery wardrobe should consist of three basic pieces: 

A flat correspondence card or foldover note
letter sheets

Either calling cards or gift enclosures

    If you start with those three basics, you will have what you need to fit most occasions. Mix and match ink colors and envelope liners to create a cohesive look that represents your personality.


    The flat correspondence card is the most versatile piece of your wardrobe. They can be used by both men and women. Personalized with the name or a monogram, keeping it classic means it can be used for informal correspondence or for business. Traditionally, a foldover note was considered more formal and was used to send condolences or thank you’s. Today, a correspondence card can be used for any occasion. 

     Stationery Wardrobes 2

    Jonathan chose a classic serif font on his correspondence cards with a navy tissue lining. Perfect for personal or professional use. Meredith selected two different fonts, one script engraved in gold and one block engraved in navy. She chose two different envelope liners that can be interchanged with the cards.

     Stationery Wardrobes 3


    Letter sheets are good to have on hand when you need a little more space to write. Perfect for business or personal use, they give you a lot of flexibility. A half-sheet is the smaller size sheet that folds once to fit in the correspondence-size envelope. It can be used professionally, but still gives a more personal feel than a standard sized sheet of printer paper. A monarch sheet is slightly larger (folding in thirds to go in an envelope). When engraving, the same name or monogram plate can be used on the letter sheet as the correspondence card.

     Stationery Wardrobes 4


    Personalized calling cards and gift enclosures are perfect for using in wedding gifts, hostess gifts, or even tied to a bottle of wine. They can be tucked inside a present, or hole punched and tied with a bow. The full formal title of a person or couple can be printed in black ink on a flat card for a traditional look. Or take a fresh approach with a fun motif like the gold engraved oak tree used by Meredith and Jonathan.

     Stationery Wardrobes 5

    You can add more pieces to your stationery wardrobe as needed, or, if you are like us, and you just can’t help yourself. We have yet to meet someone who doesn’t love being the recipient of a hand-written note.

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