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Holden’s grandmother used to work in the stationery business, so we felt honored when they came to us to discuss her wedding invitations. She knew that she wanted a very traditional, engraved, wedding invitation suite from Crane and Co. Her grandmother had also gifted them with a family crest die featuring their coat of arms. The wedding invitations, engraved on ecru kid-finish paper, featured the family crest blind embossed, and a beautiful script font engraved in black ink.

Adding a family crest makes an invitation truly reflect the bride and her family. A crest was originally given to symbolize a family and passed down through the first-born son. Adorned with details such as swords, greenery, animals, or religious symbols, the crest reflected the achievements of the family. When incorporating this type of intricate design onto paper, the level of detail in the family crest is best showcased through engraving. Look closely and you can see layers of detail crisply imprinted on the paper, even the knight’s face mask. The process to blind emboss is actually the same as engraving, but no ink is used. A detail that is bold and yet elegant.


Holden + Matthew 2 

 Holden + Matthew 3 

Blind Embossing plus black engraving on Ecru paper from Crane and Co.


Holden and Matthew’s wedding programs guided their guests through the traditional wedding service. Designed and printed in-house on a custom size paper, we love how Holden included the personal relationships of each member of the wedding party. 

 Holden + Matthew 4

Black ink on 100# ivory felt card stock


When it was time for the other wedding weekend details, Holden and Matthew really let their personality shine! From the custom interlocking monogram featured on their koozies, water bottles, and welcome box stickers, to the One Day Away party invitations the night before, they added lots of vibrant color to the festivities. 

Holden + Matthew 5 

 Holden + Matthew 6

 Holden + Matthew 7

Holden + Matthew 8 


And luckily, the wedding pictures came in just in time for us to design a Christmas card. Oh what fun it was to be a part of this amazing wedding.

Holden + Matthew 9

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